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Czech Theatre 15

Nakladatel: Institut umění – Divadelní ústav
ISBN: ISSN 0862-9390
EAN: 9770862939008
Rok vydání: 1999
Edice: periodika
Oddělení: edicni_oddeleni


Czech Stage Design at the End of the Millennium / The World in images of P.Lébl and J.A.Pitínský / The Stage Designs of Jan Dušek / Theatre at the End of the Century (Stanislavsky and Brecht) / To See and Be Seen – That´s the Question of director Vladimír Morávek / Theatre of Versatility, Appeal and Comedy – Variations of Czech Puppet Theatre / A Portrait of Director Josef Krofta / The Art of Counting to Four – J.A.Pitínský´s ´Wandering´ and ´King Oedipus´ / Listening to Body Language / Lébl´s ´Waiting for Chekhov´ / Opera Thrives in Plzeň.

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