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Changes in the Music Sector

Autor: Lenka Dohnalová
Nakladatel: Institut umění – Divadelní ústav
Jazyk: anglický
ISBN: 978-80-7008-375-8
EAN: 9788070083758
Rok vydání: 2016
Edice: mimo edice
Oddělení: institut_umeni


The purpose of the study is to identify potential
benefits/opportunities and risks of current trends in the czech music sector, which could change their polarity
and importance through the change in a context or a point of view. It is most difficult due to a short hindsight from ongoing changes and overall
changes in the art discourse, in which the discussion on values in production has transformed into discussions about how an artist or company can
win through on a quantitatively bursting music market.

The study evaluates
short historical experience and information from contemporary professional press, which deals with testing devices and software, marketability of
products, visitor’s rates and audience’s preferences. It is not based on statistic research as such. however, the output of the discussions led by the professionals in the field is that a generalizing axiological approach may be useful. The author continues in her previous specialized work, especially in her PhD thesis Aesthetic Models of European Electroacoustic Music and Electroacoustric Music in the Czech Republic and the CD-R Catalogue of Czech Autonomous Artistic Music as a Database with Acoustic Incipits. It also draws up on authors’ comments on applied technologies and composition strategies at the international composition competition Musica Nova. Regarding the topic of spreading and consumption, it draws up on studies on music industry as part of the research performed by the arts Institute such as A Study of the State, Structure, Conditions, and Funding of the Arts in the CR and Czech Cultural and Creative Industries Mapping, which also include a summary of international state of things and trends. The footnotes of the english version are abridged as most of them refer to Czech information sources and literature.

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