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Josef Ptáček

Josef Ptáček (b.1946) is the father of Czech theatre photography (he photographed at the Drak Theatre, the Naive Theatre, Minor and the Na zábradlí Theatre), but also a teacher (he lectured at the Hradec Conservatory of Photography, taught at the Department of Photography at FAMU, was an external teacher at the Department of Puppetry at DAMU) and a traveller (he visited and photographed Asia, South and North America and South Africa). The fourth volume of the Czech Theatre Photography series will be devoted not only to Ptáček's extensive theatre work, but will also present some of the images from his travel series, documentation of Czech castle parks and photographs from the Czech Jewish community. Author: Věra Velemanová, editor: Jana Jancová Prepared by: Department of Collections and Archives, Czech Theatre Photography. Publication: May 2023

20. 1. 2023

Per Olov Enquist: Plays

The collection includes eight key plays by Per Olov Enquist (1934-2020), the most widely performed and translated representative of Swedish drama in the second half of the twentieth century and the early twenty-first century: The Night of the Tridents, From the Life of Earthworms, The Lynx Hour, The Magic Circle, The Picture Makers, Blanche and Marie, Eclipse (Phaedra), and Moscow (The Three Sisters). With the exception of The Lynx Hour, the plays are being published in book form for the first time. In the case of The Magic Circle and Moscow, this is the first translation into English. Editorial Department. Publication: November  

9. 11. 2022

Vsevolod Mejerchold: Výbor z díla – 1. díl

The selection of essays on theatre by the famous Russian avant-garde director Vsevolod Mejerchold includes Mejerchold's only book publication, the anthology On Theatre, and some of his other essays, discussions and notes on productions, which provide valuable testimony to the life and work of the famous director. The book will also include excerpts from authentic notes from Mejerchold's theatre rehearsals and a pictorial and photographic appendix. Editorial Department of the World Theatre Edition

17. 10. 2021
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