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Per Olov Enquist: Plays

Per Olov Enquist (1934-2020), Swedish playwright, novelist and essayist, is the most translated and performed representative of contemporary Swedish theatre. In addition to the titles that have already appeared on Czech stages or have been broadcast on Czech Radio, this collection of his dramatic works will include new translations of plays that have never been translated in this country (The Magic Circle, Three Sisters, Now the Old). The committee includes the plays The Night of the Triplets, From the Life of Earthworms, At the Hour of the Lynx, The Magic Circle, The Picture Makers, Blanche and Marie, Phaedra / Eclipse, Three Sisters, Now Old. With the exception of In the Hour of the Lynx, all games are Czech first book editions. The source text for our committee in all cases is the 2017 two-volume critical edition of Enquist's plays (Norstedts, Stockholm). The plays edition. Prepared by the Editorial Department. Publication: February/March 2023.  

1. 2. 2023

The Days After: Ethical Dilemmas of Industrial and Post-Industrial Society in 20th and 21st Century Theatre in the Light of Karel Čapek’s Plays RUR and The White Plague

Proceedings of the conference of the same name, organised by the ATI on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the first performance of Čapek's play RUR at the National Theatre. Authored by Martina Pecková Černá, Hasan Zahirović. Prepared by: International Cooperation Department. Publication: February 2023

1. 2. 2023

Street and club dances

Published as an e-publication. The publication introduces the field of dance, which is amateurised by tens of thousands of children and young people in the Czech Republic, a field that has its own professionals but not a formal education system and which is a dynamic global cultural phenomenon. The lay public perceives these dance expressions as street dance or hip hop dance. The authors of the publication will clarify terminological issues, introduce the different styles and describe the dance practice of "street" in the Czech Republic. Author: collective of authors Publication: May 2023

31. 1. 2023

Appia: The Future of Theatre

This volume is the first comprehensive opportunity for Czech readers to encounter the important essayistic and theoretical work of the Swiss stage designer and director Adolph Appia (1862-1928), whose thinking about theatre fundamentally influenced European theatre in the first half of the twentieth century. The texts in which Appia explores not only the theatrical space, but also the relationship between actor and music, the relationship between music and situation, and the problems of staging the more broadly conceived Wagnerian drama. Appia's texts have been selected and translated from French by the volume's editor, Jan Hyvnar, who is also the author of an extensive afterword. The title of the publication is a working title. Editorial department. Published: May 2023

31. 1. 2023

Performing Arts: Rare Czechs

Publication on contemporary performing arts in the Czech environment for PQ international guests. The title of the publication is a working title. Martina Pecková Černá ed. Prepared by: Department of International Cooperation. Publication: June 2023

30. 1. 2023

Theatre and Freedom

English-language abridged edition of Theatre and Freedom: The First Decade of Czech Theatre Independence after 1989. Martina Pecková Černá ed. Prepared by: Department of International Cooperation (within DKRVO). Publication: June 2023

29. 1. 2023

Catalogue PQ 2023

Catalogue of the 15th Prague Quadrennial of Scenography and Theatre Space. Author: collective of authors. Prepared by: Prague Quadrennial. Publication: August 2023

25. 1. 2023

Theatre and Freedom II

The second part of the publication Theatre and Freedom will focus on Czech independent theatre in the period 2000-2014. Martina Pecková Černá ed. Prepared by: Department of International Cooperation (within DKRVO). Publication: November 2023

25. 1. 2023

Theatre review – 3 issues (1-3/2023)

A peer-reviewed theatrical periodical published three times a year by the Institute of Arts - Theatre Institute. It has been published since 1989. It is editorially prepared and its professional level is guaranteed by the Cabinet for the Study of Czech Theatre. Prepared by the Cabinet for the Study of Czech Theatre. Publication: during the year

25. 1. 2023

The Count is playing theater. Leopold II. Lažanský of Bukova (1854-1891) 

Count Lažanský loved theatre. As an actor in the fields of lover and hero, he tried to establish himself in the Austro-Hungarian Empire and opened a castle theatre in his mansion in the West Bohemian town of Chysa. He acted exclusively in German, with one of his great roles being Goethe's Faust. After ten years, he traded his theatrical career for a political one and became a member of the Reichstag Council for the radical Young Bohemians. In the Viennese parliament, however, he became especially famous for his pro-Jewish theatrics and scandals. He died at the age of only 37, leaving behind at least six illegitimate descendants. The Count Plays the Theatre is an engagingly written biography of an interesting personality of the second half of the 19th century. The figure of the controversial nobleman takes us into the environment of the theatre, its operation and everyday life, and on the political stage into the escalating national disputes during the struggle for Czech political emancipation. At the same time, it provides insight into the intimate life of a member of the aristocracy of the time and answers questions about the position of the nobility in the dynamically changing world of the century before last. Author: Berenika Zemanová. Prepared by the Cabinet for the Study of Czech Theatre. Publication: at the end of 2023

25. 1. 2023
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