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SharedSpace: Music, Weather, Politics


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Autor: Branislava Kubucović, Sodja Zupanc Lotker (eds.)
Nakladatel: Arts and Theatre Institute
Jazyk: english
ISBN: 978-80-7008-365-9
EAN: 978807083659
Rok vydání: 2016
Vazba: V4
Edice: mimo edice
Oddělení: prazske_quadriennale
Počet stran: 187


Shared Space was a three-year international scenographic research and artistic project that consisted of a series of symposia,
experimental exhibitions called Shared Space (with working titles Music, Weather, Politics, Objects, Makers, Space, Tribes) and an extensive educational
SpaceLab programme (a series of workshops and performances).

Over 65,000 professionals, students and audiences from around the world have participated in the Shared Space project.

Almost a year after the thirteenth edition of the Prague Quadrennial of Scenography and Theatre Space (18-28 June 2015), PQ / Institute of Arts – Theatre Institute is publishing SharedSpace. The book focuses on the reflection of the eponymous scenographic research project, but above all on the individual exhibitions and events of PQ 2015. In nearly two hundred pages, you will find ten studies by prominent theorists and practitioners in the field of scenography, such as PQ 2015 jury members Dominic Huber and Joslin McKinney, as well as Irena Šentevská, Peter Crawley, Vojtěch Poláček, Rachel Hann, and a contribution by Sigrid Merx, one of the authors of the award-winning Dutch exhibition at PQ 2015. Each of the ten essays presents a personal perspective on individual exhibitions and projects in the context of current trends in scenography and theatre.

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