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Package: Theatre Architecture


In the package Theatre Architecture we have prepared the publications dedicated to the historical development of theatre buildings and theatre space in the Czech lands from the beginnings to the present day, a monograph by Antonín Heythum, an exceptional and significant personality of the artistic culture not only in interwar Czechoslovakia but also in the USA. Furthermore, a monograph by Miroslav Melena, the most important Czech stage designer and theatre architect of the second half of the 20th century, and a monograph by stage designer and architect Vladimír Soukenka.

The package includes the following publications:

Czech Theatre Architecture

Antonín Heythum

Miroslav Melena

Vladimír Soukenka

Nakladatel / Publisher: Arts and Theatre Institute
Jazyk / Language: czech, english
Rok vydání / Year of publication: 1999-2022
Edice / Edition: mimo edice

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