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History of PQ: Czech Scenography


With the PQ 2023 coming closer, the package History of PQ: Czech Scenography, gives us a chance to expand our knowledge of the Czech theatre scenography, look back at the origin of the Prague Quadrennial and learn new great names of Czech theatre stage.

The package includes following publications:

Josef Svoboda – Scenographer

Zbyněk Kolář

Miroslav Melena

Czech Theatre Costume

Nakladatel / Publisher: Arts and Theatre Institute
Jazyk / Language: Czech, English
Rok vydání / Year of publication: 2008-2017
Edice / Edition: mimo edice
Oddělení / Department: oddeleni_sbirek

Additional information

Weight 6.3 kg
Dimensions 31 × 29 × 10.5 cm
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