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Fragments 2019


The English-Czech book presents 27 world-renowned scenographers and the design process of their most significant work that had a major impact on the industry.

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Podtitul / Subtitle: Prague Quadriennal Scenography and Theatre Space
Nakladatel / Publisher: Arts and Theatre Institute, Prague Quadriennal
Tvůrci / Creative: Klára Zieglerová, Markéta Fantová, curators and artists.
Jazyk / Language: czech, english
ISBN: 978-80-7008-431-1
EAN: 9788070084311
Rok vydání / Year of publication: 2020
Vazba / Binding: V4
Edice / Edition: mimo edice
Oddělení / Department: prazske_quadriennale
Počet stran / Number of pages: 156


After the performance is over there are only fragments… Models, drawings, costumes, and other design work become capsules filled with the essence of their time, they are part of important memories, and help us understand the complex currents of here and now. Fragments recognizes and celebrates designs where the essence of the environment and socio-political era is preserved, craft is perfected. and the artist becomes a beacon of the profession for their life achievements.

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