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Theatre review 2/2019


Druhé číslo teatrologického časopisu Divadelní revue 2019 přináší dva příspěvky o současném a tři o starším divadle.

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Nakladatel / Publisher: Arts and Theatre Institute
Tvůrci / Creative: Honza Petružela, Jitka Vrbková, Daniela Pillgrab, Magdaléna Jacková, Lisa Erlenbusch, Alena Jakubcová ml., Václav Štěpán, Veronika Kyrianová, Tomáš Kubart, Dagmar Inštitorisová
Jazyk / Language: czech
ISBN: ISSN 0862-5409
EAN: 977086254006
Rok vydání / Year of publication: 2019
Vazba / Binding: V2
Edice / Edition: divadelni_revue
Oddělení / Department: kabinet
Počet stran / Number of pages: 128
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The second issue of the theatre journal Divadelní revue 2019 brings two articles on contemporary and three on older theatre. Jitka Vrbková writes about the Polish company Teatr 21, which works on a professional basis with actors with Down syndrome and autism spectrum disorder. Daniela Pillgrab’s study “Rethinking the Politics of Space through Performance” deals with Claudia Bosse’s “nomadic” urban sitespecific composition IDEAL PARADISE (2016). Magdaléna Jacková writes about the anonymous text Historia spiritual o Samson, published in 1608, which represents the only fully extant bohemian play about Samson from the early modern period. Lisa Erlenbusch examines four German translations of French comedies for the castle theatre in Český Krumlov in the mid-18th century. Alena Jakubcová Jr. in her essay “‘Lustiger HoffDiener’ (comic court servant) as a predecessor of Hanswurst” deals with a theatre-historical analysis of a hauptakce from 1713. The interview of the issue was conducted by Libor Vodička with theatre and literary historian Václav Štěpán. Veronika Kyrianová reviews Annemarie Matzke’s publication Work on the Theatre: A History of the Discourse of Theatre Rehearsal, and Tomáš Kubart writes about Hana Buddeus’s book Imaging without Reproduction? Photography and Performance in Czech Art of the 1970s. Dagmar Inštitorisová summarises the content of the papers from the May “pantheatrological” conference Perspectives of Theatre Studies 3.

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